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VetCor of the First Coast is an IICRC Certified firm located in Jacksonville, Florida. We’re a Veteran-Owned Small Business that provides mitigation services for commercial and residential properties throughout Duval, Clay, Nassau, and St. Johns counties. We offer a wide range of mitigation services, including Biohazard Disinfecting, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, Fire & Smoke Damage Mitigation, Emergency Board Up, Roof Tarping, Tree and debris removal, and Trauma and Crime Scene cleanup. When you hire VetCor of the First Coast and our veterans, you are GUARANTEED – trustworthy technicians whose self-discipline lends to high standards and a strong work ethic.

Services We Offer

Water & Mold Mitigation

Fire & Smoke Damage

Bio-Hazard & Crime Scene Cleanup

Board Up & Tarp

Our Values

RESPECT our customers, their time, their property, and their resources. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

PROFESSIONALISM in all our actions and communications. We look sharp, act sharp, and demonstrate the highest of standards. We are detail-oriented and proactive.

SERVICE to the customer and strive for 100% satisfaction. We complete the mission – ALWAYS.

RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY for everything we do or fail to do. We strive for excellence given the situation, risks, time and resources available, but if we make a mistake, we fix it.

INTEGRITY is NEVER compromised: Our word is our bond. We do what we say and say what we do.

PRIDE in the quality of our work, in each other and in our reputation. We are proud of what we’ve done as veterans, what we do for our customers and community, and what we will do in our very bright future ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VetCor Disinfection Fogging Service?

VetCor uses a broad-spectrum disinfection misting service that provides powerful virus protection. We can quickly sanitize large areas and high-touch surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, living areas, home offices, and more.

What disinfectant do you use?

VetCor uses Benefect Botanical Disinfectant. The EPA has determined that Benefect Disinfectant is effective against SARS-CoV-2, which is the cause of COVID-19.

Is the disinfectant you use safe?

Yes. The disinfectant is all natural and is safe for all surfaces. Benefect is not dangerous to humans or animals. After application, allow 30 minutes for drying to maximize effectiveness.

How effective is the disinfectant?

Studies show the disinfectant kills pathogens in seconds. It will kill SARS-CoV-2 which is the virus that causes COVID-19. This disinfectant is among the same group of industrial-grade, safety-rated disinfectants used by governments around the world for emergency disease control and listed in the biosecurity guides of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization.

Where do you apply the disinfecting mist?

Our technicians will apply the disinfectant fog to all the floors, walls, surfaces, and items in your home or business. Because the fog is very fine, it will penetrate even into inaccessible areas for the most thorough coverage and protection.

How does the application work?

The broad-spectrum disinfection fog is dispersed in fine particles that will slowly settle onto the surfaces throughout your home. The surfaces will be moist for a short period as the disinfectant is acting, then the surfaces will be left to dry.

Is the disinfectant environmentally friendly?

The ingredients in the disinfectant are all natural and will not harm humans or animals.

What types of properties does VetCor serve?

Homeowners with single-family houses or condominiums can take advantage of our disinfection service. We also offer services to all types of businesses, from healthcare facilities and restaurants, to educational institutions and offices.

What would we have to do to prepare for VetCor fogging service?

Please see this list of the preparation steps to take in order to help ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness of the disinfectant application.

Do I have to sign up for recurring service?

We will be glad to provide a one-time service. However, if you prefer recurring service to maintain protection from viruses and bacteria, we can schedule ongoing VetCor services.